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Favorable investing

SOLAKO is an investment company with its own and partner projects, which invests in real estate, residential and non-residential premises, offices and commercial premises, shares of domestic and foreign companies. Thanks to its wide portfolio, SOLAKO guarantees you the best value for money on the market, simply and smartly.

How can we help you?

I need advice on

how to protect my money from inflation

Think about the future. We will be happy to help you with investments. Our investment will guarantee you a return and regular interest on your money, without any worries. We invest both in real estate and in interesting projects and corporate start-ups.


I am interested in

developing my start-up

We also dedicate energy and time to other projects. If you have a project and want to help develop it, you are in the right place.

Get to know us

The story of SOLAKO

SOLAKO is a company that knows the market like fish in water. Our story has been written since 1994, when we started in the market as wholesalers of drugstore goods. As time went on, we developed a lot of our own successful projects. That is why we have set out on the investment path, because we know the market very well and we want to bring the investment opportunities we offer closer to others.

We play by the rules

We provide services with an emphasis on professionalism and expertise

We respect an honest approach to the client, we are polite and helpful

We only work with true information

We defend the rights and interests of our clients

We respect the principles of confidentiality in relation to our clients