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Stock market

Do you want to invest in stocks and don’t know how to start? Try it with SOLAKO.

Stock market should not be missing from any long-term investment portfolio. However, choosing profitable stocks requires not only time but also experience in trading on the stock exchange. Thanks to our investment advisers, we have a great orientation on the stock exchange. To ensure profit, you need full attention to the market development, which we guard for you.

akcie, investování do akcií

What principles do we follow within the investment strategy in the stock market?

Invest smart. Above all, invest so that your money is valued without your efforts. Put your finances in our hands.
We are like a fish in water in the field of investment and the added value for you will be as high as possible with us.


It focuses on the selection of shares whose dividends will achieve a regularly rising yield together with the growth of the price.


We monitor events on the financial markets for you and look for advantageous opportunities for you.

No panic

As in life, stock markets have their bad days. But we are not afraid of that, we see the declines as an opportunity to buy more securities at a good price.

Sectoral distribution of the equity portfolio

What is the world of stocks with SOLAKO? Profitable and dynamic.

Shares are associated with high returns and liquidity, but also with risk. That is why we recommend diversifying our investment portfolio.
Thanks to our investment opportunities in one package, you have your finances prudent.