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Wholesale Solako pays off

We deal with wholesale drugstore goods. We offer a wide range and the best wholesale prices!

We have extensive experience with sales and distribution throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Brands we trade with

Investing with Solako

Our experienced team will help you find the investment, according to your conditions. And exactly where you want to invest:



Real estate

Investment flats

Make money with Solako. We will take care of your apartment so that the added value will be as high as possible.

For non-residential premises:
· We ensure the preparation of the purchase contract
· We find a suitable tenant

Other services we are preparing for you:

You do not pay 4% property tax.
This tax is not in Slovakia.

We provide complete legal service from expert opinion to purchase contracts.

Mortgage interest rates in Slovakia
begin at 0,79% p.a.

We will find a tenant for you.

We can take care of your apartment for you.

In most cases we are the owners of apartments.

Services for

We are a leader in sales and acquisitions
investment property

Investment advice

Not sure about investment? Leave it to our investment professionals!

Market research

We will explore the market for you and find the ideal property offers.


We will prepare a market analysis with prospects for the real estate market in the future.


Trade with SOLAKO!

Solako offers you assistance with the sale, lease, purchase of the real estate, but also with advice on investment, not only in real estate but also in IT and companies. The services also include verification of the validity and feasibility of offers on the market, analysis of the overall market, an examination of the legal status of the offered real estate, negotiation of the final contractual terms and, above all, ensuring secure trade. Success in choosing any service with us depends primarily on trust between the company and the client. For this reason, we approach our clients individually, helpfully and professional conduct. Solako also provides a wholesale that sells drugstore goods and cosmetics. We also participate in various projects. And if you have one, and you want help to develop it, you are in the right place

We do not force clients to compromise, we are looking for exactly what they want.

How can we help you?

Investment management

Invest smartly, invest with us! We will find and subsequently arrange advantageous investment opportunities both for real estate and for IT projects and company start-ups. We will help you with finding a suitable tenant as well as finding a good project.


Selected offer of luxury apartments, offices and commercial spaces. Do not miss exclusive offers and arrange a tour today. We are a unique company of its kind on the market, which not only listens to its clients but tries to negotiate the best conditions.  


Since 1994 we operate on the market as a wholesaler. We have extensive experience in the sale and distribution of drugstore goods and cosmetics. We supply our business partners throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Become our partner too!  

Our binding rules

We provide services with an emphasis on professionalism and expertise
We respect an honest approach to the client, we are polite and helpful
We only work with true information
We defend the rights and interests of our clients
We respect the principles of confidentiality about our clients

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